Private Visa Approval Letter

What’s the private Visa on Arrival?

Normally, Visa agencies and The Vietnam Immigration Department process several orders at the same time. It is common to get like 15-30 applicants on the same visa approval letter. It depends of course on when you made the order. In high seasons, you will find many other applicants on your visa-approval letter. You will then share full name, passport numbers, date of birth, nationality, entry date and visa type.

You do not need to worry, this is a normal process. But we do understand the need for privacy and to protect your information. In some countries the passport numbers are almost the same as the personal number. This is the reason why we offer extra service for the Private visa approval letter. If you require private approval letter, you need to pay extra US$10/letter (group)

Generally, this is an extra service that guarantees and secures your privacy. The service makes sure your passport details are safe and not shared to others. Below is the sample of visa approval letter (non-private)

vietnam visa approval letter