Visa requirement

Most of travelers to Vietnam need visa (or visa approval letter) before entering Vietnam, check out the visa exemption to see if you are exempt for Vietnam visa entry. Here are 2 ways which you can choose to have your Vietnam visa ready before your trip.

1) Applying Vietnam Visa online (recommended)

Visa on arrival is becoming one of the most popular ways which is of the convenience and usefulness for all tourists and businessmen in obtaining Vietnam visa online or upon arrival at any international airports. It is considered as a pre-arranged visa procedure which saves you much time and money in waiting for the post office’s express or even transferring to the Embassy to get the visa stamp at the Vietnam Embassy before your trip to Vietnam.

Instead of applying through Vietnam Embassy, all you need to do is to complete the online application form on our website very easily, simply from everywhere around the world which have Internet, Wireless 3G Mobile Connections and pay securely with your credit card online. You do not have to send your passport or important private documents to anywhere.

After sending the Online Application form, you will get confirmation email in 30 minute working hours to know the status of your Online Application. Normally you receive an Approval Letter sent through email guaranteed within 2 working days, you print it out and bring it along when you travel to Vietnam.

In emergency we can proceed your visa from 4-8 hours. You receive an approval letter via email before boarding the plane. As soon as arriving at the airports in Vietnam you have the stamped Visa. If you require extra services (fast track, car, hotel, tour, ticket air…), we are ready to support you at the airport.

Service fee?

Our service fee is fixedly showed here, especially NO hidden charges, NO REJECTED VISA. So you don’t have to pay any additional fees. Process to apply now for online visa approval – quickness, convenience, safety and reliable.

All our processing services are legal and the result comes from the Immigration Department’s legal approvals.

2) Applying Visa at Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.

You can also choose to apply Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy in your area, but what will happen if there is not Embassy or Consulate near you? Indeed it’s so inconvenient and complicated for you to apply Vietnam visa by sending your application to the nearest neighbor countries where Vietnam Embassy can accept your application.

Instead of waiting from 7-10 working days for getting back the passport with visa stamped on it, you may waste more time in receiving the Vietnam Embassy’s feedback for your visa case – probably 2 weeks. An arsing risk may happen is that your application maybe failed because of missing passport, important documents if you send these important papers to the Embassy oversea by post-office. Besides, you don’t know how the progress of your application is going on. All what you do is to wait and wait passively. Consequently, you cannot arrange anything for your trips to Vietnam (cheap ticket air, promotional hotel or plan of your work…) until you have got the visa confirmation from the Vietnam Embassy.

The most important thing is that you can not solve urgent situations for getting visa to Vietnam as your plan or your personal work through the way to send application to the Vietnam Embassy. You shall have no other choice except asking websites like ours to process the service in time for your purpose.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further consultancy to get the best choice.